Managing high performers - manager's guide to challenge them differently

Managing high performers differently – a quick guide

In this blog post (check out the full video here), I’m going to share my favourite tips on how to manage those super high performers on your team. I’ve had the privilege of working with some pretty high performers. I know what makes them tick and what they need from their boss. High performers are those employees who consistently go above and beyond, are typically ambitious and require a little something extra from you.

Managing a team is intense work at any point. You have your own work to do, you have to coach, mentor and teach your team, you have to manage your own boss and you have to manage all the projects on the go. It’s no wonder that burnout is so prevalent in the workplace. And it’s no wonder that we’re constantly clamouring for more hours in the day. So, then you think to yourself, if only I had a super high performing team. They’d be able to take some of this stress and work off my plate. The thing is, when you have high performing employees, the work doesn’t go away. It just becomes different work. Leading high performers means you have to show up differently. You can’t direct, you can’t be autocratic, you can’t just leave them alone. Plus there are ways of challenging them in unique ways so they really bring their very best to work.

So, how do you need to show up for your high performers? Here are my three tips for managing high performers differently.

Managing high performers Tip#1 – Involve them in decision making

Even something as simple as asking their opinion on a matter is hugely empowering for people. 

Imagine telling a high performer on your team that you had the choice to make a decision, but you decided to involve them. Not because you couldn’t make the decision without their input, but because you really want THEM to decide the next course of action.

Tip #2 – Have them represent you at client meetings

Of course, this depends on their comfort level, but with the right guidance and once they’re ready, give them the opportunity to do different type of work.

Tip#3 – Give them autonomy in their work

High performers don’t need to be micromanaged. Presumably you hired them because they were capable. Then allow them to show you what they can do. 

Simply tell them what you would like to see (i.e. the end result) and then resist the urge to interfere in HOW they get to that end result. Be available for questions, but other than that leave them alone. If you allow yourself, you’ll be surprised at what your high performer can achieve without your input.

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Now I want to know, do you agree that managing high performers requires you to show up differently, or do you treat everyone the same? Comment below and let’s share some ideas.

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