Caras Consulting Inc. was founded in June 2017 by Sadaf Shaikh. For 18 years before that, Sadaf had worked with people at all levels of the organization and helped them overcome mediocrity both within themselves and their teams. Leading by example and with a uniquely keen insight into people, Sadaf has touched thousands of people’s lives. Wholeheartedly believing that HR is the backbone of an organization, she now works with CEOs and CHROs to transform entire organizations from average to extraordinary, starting with the HR department!

In May 2018, her husband, Aamir Shaikh joined the business, so inspired was he by her mission to improve organizations. With his extensive experience in process excellence, Aamir uses the basis of Six Sigma methodology to save his clients millions of dollars within weeks of working with them (yes, weeks!). Using his own brand of brilliance, charm, and a razor sharp focus on looking at the whole business, Aamir now helps entire companies become more efficient, save money and improve quality.

Together they’ve traveled throughout Canada, United States, South America (and soon Asia) to do what they love everyday!



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