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Make Sound, Data-Driven Decisions

You make hundreds of decisions a day.  Most leaders make data-driven decisions, but do you know whether the data you have is fully accurate and reflects exactly what is going on in your organization?  We arm you with real information on how your people operate, what values they live by, and where the bottlenecks are so you can make sound decisions using the right data.  Learn more about how an Organizational Culture Assessment can help you.

People Excellence

Reduce Costs, Increase Profits

Do you know whether you’re using your time, money and resources in the most efficient way?  We go through each internal process from sales and marketing, to finance, to operations.  We help you figure out where the gaps to more efficient processes so that you can redeploy your resources better, and thus increasing your bottom line.  Learn more about how our Continuous Improvement Program can help you.

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About Us

Caras Consulting Inc. was founded in June 2017 by Sadaf Shaikh. For 18 years before that, Sadaf had worked with people at all levels of the organization and helped them overcome mediocrity both within themselves and their teams. Leading by example and with a uniquely keen insight into people, Sadaf has touched thousands of people’s lives. Wholeheartedly believing that HR is the backbone of an organization, she now works with CEOs and CHROs to transform entire organizations from average to extraordinary, starting with the HR department!

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In our Process Excellence practice, our expertise is in creating strategy maps, balanced scorecards, six sigma black belt projects, project management and application development.

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We help CEOs and CHROs drive high performing organizations through coaching, performance management, organizational design, change management, and culture transformation.

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We provide tailored solutions for your organization. Call us today to book a 1 hour free consultation to get you started on your journey to Excellence.


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