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Hello and welcome to the first blog post of Caras Consulting. My name is Sadaf Shaikh and I am the President of Caras Consulting. For decades, I worked in Toronto’s financial district in one or other glossy high-rise. I have worked at large multinational companies, not for profit companies, and family owned businesses.

Perhaps one of the most striking common theme among all those companies was that they all valued high performance from their people. High performing employees can make a business from good to great. Whether we’re talking about customer service, sales, finance, attracting funding, or any other function in the business – the bottom line is deeply affected by a companies’ high performers.

On the flip side, low performers can drain the life, energy, money, and culture of a company like nothing else can. Business owners and leaders don’t like low performers. There’s no secret to that. But it has always astounded me how few leaders can actually have effective conversations with their low performers. Some leaders don’t even acknowledge that they have low performers, causing discontent among the true high performers.

Over the years, I have helped leaders at all levels, from CEOs to brand new managers to identify performance problems, diagnose them, have conversations with the low performing employees, and solve the problem. Similarly, I have helped leaders identify their top performers, talk to them about what keeps them at the company, and continue to do more for them. Over time, this approach creates an employee-led high performing culture.

Now, after decades in the downtown core, I decided to bring it closer to home. We continue to help businesses in the York and Simcoe regions to build high performing teams.

I will be using this blog to post performance concerns that business owners have around the management of their people. Check out our Resources page for valuable information HR information.

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