Executive Onboarding

Executive Onboarding works

Studies show 40% of executives fail within 18 months on the job due to poor or non-existent executive onboarding.

Not getting a solid executive onboarding means new executives are left alone to figure out “how” things are done at the company, delaying, or worse completely missing, their ability to deliver the results they were hired to deliver.  This is particularly problematic when companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on executive recruitment.

The three things that take executives from a tentative, overwhelmed new executive to being a respected authority in the company:

  1. Research the company before you start – when you walk into the company knowing more than most of its long service employees, you’ll feel a confidence that automatically brings out your “A” game
  2. Take the time to relearn critical skills – knowing things like how to listen, change management, influencing without imposing will serve you well.  As leaders go higher up the corporate ladder, it seems those critical skills are forgotten or diluted in the process.
  3. Zero in on three things in the first 6 weeks: the people, the processes and the technology. These are the only 3 things you need to observe to understand the company’s culture: who is employed at the company, how do they do things and what tools do they use to facilitate their work.

This is how one of my clients was able to exceed expectations and get max bonus in her first year while winning over her team and her peers, gaining their respect in the process.  Executive onboarding works and executives need to take back control of their own success in their new job.

If you’ve started a new role in the past 3 months and are ready to fast-track stellar results for yourself, message us for details on how we can get you there.  Our program includes weekly coaching calls for the first year of your employment.  Download our free guide here. Click on our About page to learn more about our history.

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